The Happy Pet Vet

Mobile Veterinarian Services

Bringing Home Personalized Vet Care

I know how hard it can be to take your pet into your veterinarian’s office, so I wanted to make your life easier. Therefore I come to you!
This added at-home service reduces the stress and risk associated with travel and waiting rooms. The best advantage of having me come to you is that your pets are protected from the germs and diseases found in and outside animal hospitals. Also, through less stress, fear and trauma which often occurs when animals are removed from familiar surroundings, they heal faster and respond better when treated in the comfort of their own homes.

Who Benefits from using The Happy Pet Vet:

    • Elderly or frail pets that are not really strong or healthy enough to travel.
    • Owners of multiple pets.
    • Reactive pets that don’t like other people or animals.
    • Owners that are disabled or do not have a vehicle.
    • Pets that don’t travel well.
    • Owners that can’t get away from the home for long periods of time.
    • Babies that should avoid exposure too other animals.
    • You?

Bonus: Extended Hours Often times mobile pet vets will have evening and weekend hours outside of what a traditional veterinarians office may offer. Because I have extended hours please Text, Message or Call when needed.

Send a Text or Call Us at 541-810-1772
Message: http://www.facebook.com/thehappypetvet
Email: http://contact@thehappypetvet.com

*Because my hours vary, please give me 24 hours to respond to your message.