About Us

Dr. Tawnia L. Shaw is The Happy Pet Vet.

Dr. Shaw provides pet parents with what they need in order to maintain great relationships because she believes that Happy Pets are Healthy Pets.

From hares to horses, dogs to dragons, and everything in between, The Happy Pet Vet comes to you to support all your companion animals, anywhere in Klamath County.

Why do I do the work I do?

I believe that animals are the most wonderful part of this world and the bonds we develop with them are magic.

My life has always been about building and supporting these bonds and knowing the animals well enough to be their voice.

This belief manifests itself in everything that The Happy Pet Vet stands for and does. Not only that “Happy Pets are Healthy Pets,” but also leading the way in personalized veterinary care for each and every one of my patients and their families.

One size does not fit all, and just as in human medicine, each of my patients are unique individuals with unique needs. And just as no two pets are alike, neither are their families and home life.

The Happy Pet Vet is proud to be pioneering the development and deployment of personalized Veterinarian care in the Klamath Basin in such a way to help you and your companion animals experience the benefits of this state-of-the-art approach.


– Dr. Tawnia Shaw,

The Happy Pet Vet